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    These plans cover 90 percent of the actuarial value of the costs and health expenses. They will always be the most expensive plans on the Covered California calucator.  To get more information either go to the website or call us directly at 855-441-2245.[/one_fourth]

    You are probably here because you have not yet received your 1095A and your tax preparer is asking for it. If you have not received your 1095 A and you were a member of Covered California, complete the form above and get your 1095A today.

    Do you need your 1095A so you can file your taxes?

    Yes. If you were a customer of Covered Ca, you can not correctly file your taxes without a 1095A. The 1095A is a tax document that lets the IRS know how much Covered Ca tax subsidy you were eligible for and how much tax subsidy you received. Without it, you can not properly complete IRS Form 8962 which is now required of all tax filers.

    How do I get a 1095?

    Follow the simple 3 steps above and you can receive your 1095 today.

    How do I download my 1095?

    Compete the form avove to get your 1095, today.

    What is a form 1095A?

    Form 1095 A is a tax document that shows the amount the IRS contributed to your health insurance costs for a particular tax year. It also shows the cost of the second most expensive Silver plan provided in your zip code. Both of these pieces of information are necessary for your tax preparer to complete your taxes and more specifically form 8962 on your taxes.

    Why do I need form 1095A?

    You need form 1095 A so that your tax preparer can properly complete your taxes.

    What do I do with form 1095A?

    Provide form 1095-A to your tax preparer just as you would provide a W2 or 1099.

    My wife/husband received a 1095-C and I got a 1095A, are they the same?

    Participants enrolled in Covered California receive a 1095 A; If you have MediCal or Health insurance directly from an insurance company, you will get a 1095B; If you have insurance from an employer sponsored plan, you will get a 1095C.

    How do I get form 1095?

    Complete the form avove to get your 1095 today.

    Is Covered Ca my insurance company?

    No, Covered California is not your insurance company. CoveredCa is the exchange created so that you can shop for and purchase health insurance from a health insurance company such as Blue Shield, Blue Cross, Health Net or Kaiser.