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    Covered California Has Four Plan Tiers


    This is the most basic tier. These are high deductible plans which means that the consumer will pay out of pocket for the deductible before the insurance plan will begin to pay.


    Silver plans are considered to be the best plans for the price. If you are receiving a subsidy these are the plans that Covered CA will guide you towards. These plans will have the best prices and the best plan designs for your health needs.


    These plans are available to those who typically are going to use their health care more than most people. The have no deductible and a $30 co pay for primary care visits.


    These plans cover 90 percent of the actuarial value of the costs and health expenses. They will always be the most expensive plans on the Covered California calucator.  To get more information either go to the website or call us directly at 855-441-2245.

    Looking to enroll in Covered California Health Insurance? Tired of waiting on hold? Don’t understand the ObamaCare Health Insurance Exchange? We are Covered California Certified Agents. There is no wait to talk with a live Covered California Certified Agent and we are available 24/7. Please give us a call any time. Some Covered California plans are as low as $1 per month. If you are not able to get through on the first try, fill out the simple form above and your worries are over. Our friendly agents will get back to you in the order the form was received. provides medical insurance through the Covered California system. We have met the stringent qualifications to be offering Covered California products and to be called Certified Insurance Agents. We provide a wide range of medical insurance to our local clients and those who connect with us across the miles via the internet.

    Covered California Health Insurance Exchange begins open enrollment on November 1st, 2023. Enrollment will continue until January 31st, 2024. The CoveredCa Website and personnel are extremely busy. If you have had difficulty getting coverage, you have come to the right place. We are accepting phone calls 24/7. Or, if you don’t get through on your first try, fill out the above form. Why wait on hold when you could just have us call you?

    As you begin your enrollment for Covered California insurance, you will be faced with may new terms and difficult decisions. Below are some of are most frequently asked questions. For a full list see our FAQs page.

    Is there a penalty for not having health insurance in 2024?

    Yes. Although the federal penalty has been reduced to $0, the State of California has introduced a new, State penalty, for not having coverage. The penalty is 2.5% of Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) or $695, which ever is more, for each person that does not have coverage.

    Is there a fee for enrolling?

    No. There is not a fee for enrolling. The price of your policy determined by you age, zip code, family size and income. There are NO additional fees. You only pay the premium to the insurance company that you choose.

    Can I shop around and get a better price?

    No. The price of your policy determined by you age, zip code, family size and income. There are NO additional fees. You only pay the premium to the insurance company that you choose.

    When is 2024 Covered California Open Enrollment?

    Open enrollment will start November 1, 2023 and continue through January 31st, 2024. If you previously had a Covered California policy you can renew your Covered Ca right now.

    I heard that Covered California has been canceled. Is that true?

    Covered California is alive and well. It is still providing reduced cost health insurance to over 1 million Californians.

    Is Covered California my insurance company?

    No, Covered California is not your insurance company. CoveredCa is the exchange created so that you can shop for and purchase health insurance from a health insurance company such as Blue Shield, Blue Cross, Health Net or Kaiser.

    How can I sign up for ObamaCare?

    The exchange in California that you will use to sign up for “ObamaCare” is Covered California. California chose to run its own exchange so in California you will be using a state health insurance exchange vs. a federal health insurance exchange.

    Is there a difference between Covered California and ObamaCare?

    No. Covered California is the name given to California’s exchange. Covered Ca was created to sell the insurance dictated in the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare.

    When does Covered California Enrollment end?

    The last day for CoveredCa open enrollment is January 31st, 2024.

    Why is it so difficult to get through to Covered California?

    There is a large volume of phone calls flooding the CoveredCa call center. If you call us we always strive to answer the phone the first time or get back to your call in less than 15 minutes.

    Does Covered California Offer Dental Coverage?

    Yes. Covered California has always offered dental and vision coverage to minors. As of the 2016 enrollment year, Covered California will be offering dental coverage, for an additional charge, to adult members. This coverage starts at about $13 depending on age, location, and plan selected.

    Have I missed the deadline for Covered California Enrollment?

    The last day for 2024 regular open enrollment is January 31, 2024. After January 31, you can only enroll in Covered Ca using special enrollment exemptions.

    Who can get Covered California?

    Most people under the age of 65 and over the age of 18 and who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States and are residing in California.

    You are eligible under age 65 if:

    You are not receiving or are not eligible to receive Social Security benefits;

    • You are not receiving or are not eligible to receive Social Security benefits;
    • You are not receiving disability benefits; or
    • Your employer is not offering you affordable coverage; or.

    Before age 65, you are eligible for free Medicare hospital insurance if:

    • You have been entitled to Social Security disability benefits for 24 months; or
    • You receive a disability pension from the railroad retirement board and meet certain conditions; or
    • You receive Social Security disability benefits because you have Lou Gehrig’s disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis); or
    • You worked long enough in a government job where Medicare taxes were paid and you have been entitled to Social Security disability benefits for 24 months; or
    • You are the child or widow(er) age 50 or older, including a divorced widow(er), of someone who has worked long enough in a government job where Medicare taxes were paid and you meet the requirements of the Social Security disability program; or 7
    • You have permanent kidney failure and you receive maintenance dialysis or a kidney transplant and: —You are eligible for or receive monthly benefits under Social Security or the railroad retirement system; or —You have worked long enough in a Medicare-covered government job; or —You are the child or spouse (including a divorced spouse) of a worker (living or deceased) who has worked long enough under Social Security or in a Medicare-covered government job.

    Medical insurance (Part B) Anyone who is eligible for free Medicare hospital insurance (Part A) can enroll in Medicare medical insurance (Part B) by paying a monthly premium. Some beneficiaries with higher incomes will pay a higher monthly Part B premium.

    If you are not eligible for free hospital insurance, you can buy medical insurance, without having to buy hospital insurance, if you are age 65 or older and you are—

    • A U.S. citizen; or
    • A lawfully admitted non-citizen who has lived in the United States for at least five years.

    Covered California plans include:

    • HMO plans (must choose a doctor within the health insurers network)
    • PPO plans (must choose a doctor within the network – usually a larger network than HMO)
    • EPO – combo between HMO plan design and PPO network

    Once the open enrollment period opens you can make changes from November 1st – January 31st. You may change health insurance carriers or you can change your subsidies if your income has changed.


    California Insurance Providers and BCBIS has contracted with leading health insurance carriers and Covered California to provide you an easy starting place to receive Covered Ca Plans: call us now at 855-441-2245. We DO NOT charge for our services. It is FREE of charge or fees.

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